Direct Deterrent & Spot Treatment with Pet Protective Deterrent Coating 21 fl. oz.


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When you use TOADAL™ Repellant as a direct deterrent on any visible cane toads (or other listed pests) and as a Spot Treatment around your property, you can quickly eliminate existing toads (and other listed pests) from your property and help prevent them from moving back in. But in the off chance that one does, a few simple sprays of TOADAL™ Repellant is all it takes. Available in FL, GA, TX, IL, MN, MO, MA, NJ, NY, and HI only. If you would like TOADAL™ Repellant in another state, please let us know! †††See product detail for more details. Use only as directed.


Gain and Maintain Control

Take back your space and maintain control over cane toads, snakes, Cuban tree frogs and other unwanted reptiles and amphibians on your property. Use around your home, dog runs, pet areas, and in and around barns and stables and many other areas. TOADAL™ Repellant Direct Deterrent Spray & Spot Treatment Repellent with Pet Protective Deterrent Coating (21 fl. oz. bottle) provides enough TOADAL™ Repellant to use as a spot treatment and as a direct deterrent spray. Apply spot treatments in susceptible areas to help reduce the potential encounters before they even happen. Don’t forget to have a bottle on hand when taking your dog (or dogs) outside.

Powerful Patent Pending Multi-Action Formula

Spot Treatment Repellent

  • Use on lawns, backyards, around patios, home foundations, landscaping, designated pet areas and other non-hard surfaces
  • Treats suspected or known harborages, nesting areas or boroughs of cane toads, snakes, iguanas, other small reptiles, or amphibians
  • Immediately repel any nuisance animals present, and keep them from returning to their nesting areas or boroughs for up to 30 days†††

Direct Deterrent Spray

  • Precisely metered dosing, with the included sprayer, gives you the control
  • Immediately repel the threat, with just a few sprays†††
  • Slow down, sedate or immobilize the threat with 3+ sprays†††


    • Contains targeted irritants to repel amphibians and reptile threats
    • Long lasting irritants help keep threats away for up to 30 days†††
    • Contains ingredients to disrupt reptile’s Jacobson’s organ

Slow Down, Sedate or Immobilize

    • Bio-specific anesthetizing action targets amphibians & reptiles
    • Designed with short term bioaccumulation, the more you spray the stronger the anesthetizing action
    • Helps reduces the threat’s aggression and decreases your pet’s interest

Powered by Nature

Active ingredients are all plant-based essential oils, and other familiar ingredients

Does NOT Contain:

  • harsh chemicals
  • pydiflumetofen, pyraclostrobin, cypermethrin, pyrethroids
  • N-trichloromethylthio-4-cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboximide, imiprothrin, folpet, captafol, butane or propane


Safe & Effective

  • Safe to use around kids and pets, when used as directed.
  • Our patent pending formula uses a synergistic blend of powerful plant-based ingredients, essential oils, and other familiar ingredients. With ingredients you are familiar with and know how to use safely you can have peace of mind when keeping it in the house, taking it with you when you walk your dog and when using it.
  • 100% Guaranteed Results.


We Love Our Pups

Because this product is designed to work for pet owners, we knew that repelling and even immobilizing the threat is only half the solution. Not only do you want the threat to leave but you also want your pet to stay away from the threat. Because the likelihood of exposure is significantly reduced when your pet is avoiding the danger itself.

That is why each spray of TOADAL™ Repellant coats the cane toad, or other threatening animal, in pet specific scent and taste-based repellents. The scent-based repellents work to discourage your pet’s immediate interest helping to keep your pet away from the threat.

Not every pet will stop or stay away by scent alone, and that’s why we also included mildly unpalatable taste-based deterrents. These work to help reduce mouthing, and exposure time due to mouthing, for those slightly stubborn pets.

But the most effective protection TOADAL™ Repellant can provide comes when used regularly over time. This is because TOADAL™ Repellant works as a Behavioral Modification tool, training your pet to avoid the threat and commonly treated areas even if you don’t spray them.


Available in FL, GA, TX, IL, MN, MO, MA, NJ, NY, and HI only. If you would like TOADAL™ Repellant in another state please let us know!


†††The number of sprays to repel and to sedate are based on an average adult Bufo Toad or Cane Toad (approximately 4 lbs.). The number actual of sprays required to repel an amphibian or reptile depends several factors including the weight of the animal, the amount of spray that lands on the treated animal, animals’ health, the likelihood of escape route and several other factors. Note: if the animal you are treating is larger than 4 lbs. it may take more sprays than listed above. See additional product details for more information.

Spot Treatment reapplication is every 30 days or as needed. Effectiveness depends on many factors such as application rate, material absorption rate and weather. Check areas for reapplication after strong or frequent rains and/or when applied to pours soil such as sand.

See product detail for more details. Use only as directed.

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