Additional Information and Product Data

Warnings and Additional Suggested Directions

Do not spray product near or around your pet’s face as drift may contact your pet and serious eye damage, irritation, or blindness can result. 

Do not apply this product in a way that will contact people, pets, or other domesticated animals, either directly or through drift. Only spray product pointing towards the ground. Do not spray product pointing upward, above head or in any manner that would put spray or mist at or above eye level as significant injury and/or damage to eye can result. Do not spray or apply product in winds strong enough to move spray.

Do not consume or drink product. Do not allow or induce pets consume or drink product. While consumption by your pet is very unlikely, it is not entirely impossible.  If spray gets on pet’s food do not attempt to mask the deterrent as this may lead to increased agitation on consumption when your pet experiences the taste-based deterrents.

If your pet consumes product, call your Veterinarian or Animal Hospital for advice and monitor your pet for allergic and/or other reaction(s). Have the product container or label with you when calling a Veterinarian, Animal Hospital, or going for treatment. Remove pets from treated areas and do not allow pets to be in or on treated area until fully dry. Avoid spraying near pets. Do not apply spray directly on pets. Never spray directly on or near pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, ears, anus, or other mucous membrane.

If spray gets on pet wash off with mild soap and water. Product contains oils and may cause your pet’s coat sticky or oily. The pet specific protectant and repellent may cause agitation if it is not washed off pet’s coat.

If spray gets near or in pet’s eyes, nose, mouth or other mucous membranes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. Call your Veterinarian or Animal Hospital.

While rare, it is possible for your pet to have an allergic or other reaction to one or more of the ingredients in product.  If your pet has never been exposed to product or any of its ingredients monitor your pet(s) closely after the first few uses.

Call your Veterinarian or Animal Hospital if your pet has an allergic reaction or is experiencing visible distress, redness, swelling, pain or their breathing or heart rate becomes abnormal or if your pet becomes lethargic, excessively sleepy or unconscious.

Do not use if you or your pet have an allergy or allergic reaction to product or any of its ingredients.

Do not spray on pet’s food or water, product may cause agitation to your pet due to the pet specific repellent in product. Immediately remove and dispose of any food or water that you suspect was exposed to or has encountered spray. Thoroughly rinse the area with water and wash all food and water bowls with soap and water before allowing pets to use.

Do not spray pet bedding, toys, clothing, or other items, as product may cause agitation to your pet due to the pet specific repellent in product. In the event spray is used near or around bedding, clothing, toys, or other pet items, remove all items from your pet. Thoroughly rinse area with water, wash all pet bedding, clothing or other related items with soap and water before allowing pets to use.

CAUTION! Product can make surfaces slippery. When possible avoid application on hard surfaces where people and pets walk, such as pavers or sidewalks. Do not allow people or pets to walk on treated areas until dry. Test all areas and check for slipperiness prior to allowing pets and people to enter. Use extreme caution when walking on recently treated sloping or hard surfaces (such as tile walkways, pavers, sidewalks, grass hills, golf courses, etc.) these surfaces have an increased risk of slipping and injury due to fall. Buyer/User assumes all liability and responsibility for any injury or damage, perceived or real, to person or property, animal, entity, machine or otherwise listed as a claimant, directly resulting from, or related to walking, driving, or otherwise traversing any area they (the Buyer/User) treated with TOADAL™ Repellant.

Formula may stain surfaces. If staining is a concern test an inconspicuous area prior to use.


When treating Bufo Toads

If the toad presses into the ground (does not flee), it may be releasing bufotoxin. Immediately remove your pet from the area; if this is not possible, continue to spray the parotid glands to cover as much bufotoxin as possible. Never spray product near your pet’s face. Even if a Bufo Toad is anesthetized or dead, it can still poison and/or kill your pet. Use a shovel or other tool to relocate anesthetized toads or other animals away from pets and pet areas. If you suspect your pet has been exposed to bufotoxin, bitten, or exposed to any other toxins or chemicals call your veterinarian or animal hospital immediately.


Product Data, Efficacy, Dosage, and Package Application Rate Information

TOADAL™ Repellant was carefully formulated with the included sprayer to give you precise control over the application rate with each spray delivering 0.83mL of the proprietary anesthetization formula.    

0.2mL or less of the active anesthetization ingredients in TOADAL™ Repellant has a temporary sedation effect and reversible anesthetization on adult Bufo Toad Rhinella marina (3.5-4.2 lbs.), also known as Cane Toad. Immobilization effect is typically noticeable within 60 seconds and resolves in 4 to 6 hours.

0.5mL or more of the active anesthetization ingredients in TOADAL™ Repellant has a temporary sedation effect and may result in irreversible immobilization and anesthetization beginning within 60 seconds for an average adult Bufo Toad Rhinella marina (3.5-4.2 lbs.). Depending on the actual dose received and the toad’s body weight an adult Bufo Toads Rhinella marina may be euthanized within minutes.

Exceeding 0.5mL of the active anesthetization ingredients in TOADAL™ Repellant may result in euthanization for Rhinella marina (both male and females with body weights ranging from 1.25 – 4.2 lbs.), depending on the actual dose received and the toad’s body weight.

NOTE: The anesthetization formula portion constitutes only one of the modes of action that is produced from the active ingredients in the TOADAL™ Repellant formulation. There are other active ingredients delivering other modes of action with each spray that are not discussed or stated here.