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Effective Against Cane Toads
TOADAL™ Repellant is engineered specifically to target Bufo Toads (Cane Toads), and other amphibians & reptiles.
The Power of Nature - Strength of Science
Our proprietary formula uses a synergistic blend of powerful plant-based ingredients, essential oils, and other familiar ingredients.
Ready to Use Whenever and Wherever You Need It
Pre-mixed and ready when you need it. When you have TOADAL™ Repellant with you when let your dogs or take them for a walk, you are ready whenever and wherever Cane Toads appear.
Specially Formulated for Dogs and Other Pets
TOADAL™ Repellant with our proprietary pet protective coating & deterrent is specifically formulated for pet owners. Designed to help repel your pet from the treated animal and to work overtime as a behavioral modification tool to help prevent encounters even when you don't use TOADAL™ Repellant.

Features & Benefits

Made for Dog Owners by Dog Owners

We know that when you will need TOADAL™ Repellant the most is in the evening or morning. Sometimes that is a planned walk on leash and sometimes it is just letting your dog out in a fenced in area.

That’s why we added a pet protective coating. These plant-based ingredients help keep your dog away from the toad you just sprayed, as well as the spray itself.

Because dogs find the scent and taste mildly unpleasing, they tend to avoid the treated animal. Helping to reduce leash pulling and to helping to keep dogs away from treated threats and areas when they are not leashed.

***The number of sprays to repel and to sedate are based on an average adult Bufo Toad or Cane Toad (approximately 4 lbs.). The number actual of sprays required to repel an amphibian or reptile depends several factors including the weight of the animal, the amount of spray that lands on the treated animal, animals health, the likely hood of escape route and several other factors. Note: if the animal you are treating is larger than 4 lbs. it may take more sprays than listed above.

Spot Treatment reapplication is every 30 days or as needed. Effectiveness depends on many factors such as application rate, material absorption rate and weather. Check areas for reapplication after strong or frequent rains and/or when applied to pours soil such as sand. 

How It Works

TOADAL™ Repellant works as both:

When used as a spot treatment in conjunction with direct application on visible toads TOADAL™ Repellant helps you quickly eliminate and easily maintain control over Cane Toads around your home or other pet areas.

Controls the Threat

Direct Deterrent Spray

Use TOADAL™ Repellant as a Direct Deterrent spray to immediately repel Bufo Toads (aka Cane Toads), snakes, iguanas, other small reptiles, or amphibians. Use TOADAL™ Repellant around your property to immediately take control over the existing toad and other listed animal populations and take TOADAL™ Repellant with you when letting dog(s) out in the yard or when taking them for a walk to repel and treat any potential threats.

Our patent pending formula is precisely measured for the included spray to give you complete control over the situation.

When the first 1 – 2 sprays of TOADAL™ Repellant hits a Bufo Toad or other listed animal it causes an instant mild irritation, typically causing most threats to immediately leave the area.

But we know that not every nuisance animal will flee and not every situation is avoidable. That is why we designed TOADAL™ Repellant with the ability to generate an immediate mildly irritating sensation that is rapidly followed by a temporary and temporary anesthetizing action at slightly higher application rates†††.  

The overall result is a product that helps give you control over the situation. You can immediately repel the nuisance animal and, if that is not enough, you also have the strength at your fingertips to quickly slow down and sedate the threat so you can get your pet to safety.

Spot Treatment

Use TOADAL™ Repellant as a preventative spot treatment help control and reduce Cane Toads and other listed animals from around your home and in areas frequented by pets. Use TOADAL™ Repellant in lawns, backyards, around patios, home foundations, landscaping, or designated pet areas to treat suspected or known harborages, nesting areas or boroughs of Bufo Toads (aka Cane Toads), snakes, iguanas, other small reptiles, or amphibians. TOADAL™ Repellant immediately repels any nuisance animals present and the long-lasting scent, and dermal irritants help to keep them from returning to their boroughs for up to 30 days†††.  

Controlling Cane Toad populations on your property is often a losing battle for most homeowners. This in part is due to their territorial behavior and nature to occasionally migrate when competition or food scarcity has over-crowded their area.  Because toads will migrate to new nesting areas from time-to-time scent-based barriers around the perimeter require constant reapplication, and they are ineffective at keeping hungry toads away when searching for new territories. Since toads typically prefer the same specific areas where previous burrows were located, we formulated TOADAL™ Repellant to work as a Spot Treatment. By treating the common and known boroughs around your property you stop trying to fight a frustrating and losing battle of trying to keep a hungry Cane Toad looking for a new territory from entering your property by simply making all the areas it would look to stay unpleasant. Because if it can’t find a suitable area, it simply continues it search, leaving your property to look elsewhere for a place to call home.

Protects Your Pet

Because this product is intended for pet owners, we knew that repelling and even immobilizing the threat is only half the solution. Not only do you want the threat to leave but you also want your pet to stay away from the threat. Because the likelihood of exposure is significantly reduced when your pet is avoiding the danger itself.

That is why each spray of TOADAL™ Repellant coats the Bufo Toad, or other threating animal, in pet specific scent and taste-based repellants. The scent-based repellants work to discourage your pet’s immediate interest helping to keep your pet away from the threat.

Not every pet will stop or stay away by scent alone, and that’s why we also included mildly unpalatable taste-based deterrents. These work to help reduce mouthing, and exposure time due to mouthing, for those slightly stubborn pets.

But the most effective protection TOADAL™ Repellant can provide comes when used regularly over time. This is because TOADAL™ Repellant works as a Behavioral Modification tool, training your pet to avoid the threat and commonly treated areas even if you don’t spray them.

When you use TOADAL™ Repellant as direct deterrent on any visible Cane Toads and as a Spot Treatment around your property you can quickly eliminate existing toads from your property and help prevent them from moving back in. But in the off chance that one does, a few simple sprays of TOADAL™ Repellant is all it takes.

What's in the Bottle?

Our patent pending formula uses a synergistic blend of powerful plant-based ingredients, essential oils, and other familiar ingredients. 

With ingredients, you are familiar with and know how to use safely you can have peace of mind when keeping it in the house, taking it with you when you walk your dog and when using it.


We Get It

puppy under orange blanket

We have been there when suddenly there is a nasty huge Cane Toad right in front of our beloved dog. We know what it is like struggling trying to get the toad away while keep the dog safely away. And if you have ever had a dog bite one, then you know the panic going through your mind that if you fail you may cost your dog his or her life.

TOADAL™ Repellant can help stop the struggling and calm the panic.

You don’t need to pretreat the area or worry if it washed away in the rain last night. There are no batteries to check. There are no special devices buy and install. 

Just one simple and easy step: Keep a bottle by the door and take it with you on your walk. 

Where it Works

Direct Deterrent Spray

  • Spray directly on the nuisance animal and Immediately Remove the Threat to You and Your Pet
  • Be prepared, keep TOADAL™ Repellant by your side when you are outside with your dog.
  • A few sprays of TOADAL™ Repellant could mean the difference between life and death for your dog.
  • Use as a direct spray deterrent to immediately repel: Bufo Toads, snakes, iguanas, and other reptiles and amphibians that pose an immediate threat to your pet.
  • From the first spray TOADAL™ Repellant immediately works to repels Bufo Toads, snakes and other listed potentially dangerous reptiles and amphibians.

Spot Treatment

  • Spot Treatment for: nests, boroughs and harborages of Bufo Toads, snakes, iguanas, and other reptiles or amphibians found outdoors, around yards, home, and pet areas.
  • The formulation is irritating to Bufo Toads, snakes, iguanas, and other reptiles or amphibians so they will avoid the treated areas.
  • Because TOADAL™ Repellant also includes our proprietary Pet Protective Deterrent & Coating, your pet will avoid the treated area.

Bufo Toad, Cane Toad, Southern Toad ...
Do You Know the Difference?

One is highly toxic, invasive a threat to our ecology and can quickly kill a large dog - The other is much less toxic, rarely poses a danger to pets a Florida native, and is threated by the other.

TOADAL™ Repellant can help you protect your pet - A little knowledge can help you use it responsibly.

Please do you part to help protect and preserve our native ecology. It only take a few minutes to learn the difference between invasive Bufo Toads and native Southern Toads but the benefit lasts for generations.

Bufo Toads also called Cane Toads an invasive species and present a serious threat to both our pets and the environment. But not every toad you see is a Bufo or Cane Toad. Southern Toads are native to Florida  Learn more about Cane Toads from the worlds foremost authority, Dr. Steve A. Johnson from the University of Florida to learn more*.

Dr. Steve A. Johnson has done considerable research on wildlife in Florida. He provides an invaluable public resource for information on Cane Toads (also called Bufo Toads), and their impact on the environment.

You can learn more about Cane Toads and the rest of his work online at the Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation.

*TOADAL™ Repellant is not associated or affiliated with Dr. Steve A. Johnson or the University of Florida.  

NOTE: The above links are to non-affiliated 3rd party content. By clicking on the link you will be redirected from this site. You will be redirected to content provided by the University of Florida. The media and its content are provided by Dr. Steve A. Johnson of the University of Florida for public educational purposes by the University of Florida.  Neither Dr. Steve A. Johnson or the University of Florida is affiliated with TOADAL™ Repellant or any associated or associated entity. The opinions and information provided are those of the parties expressing them and may not necessarily be those of TOADAL™ Repellant.

The above links are provided for educational purposes only.

Coming Soon To Your Backyard ...

We typically only think of Cane Toads (or Bufo Toads) as a problem isolated to South Florida. However, Cane Toads are a significant issue in several other countries around the world and are quickly becoming an ever increasing issue across America, now affecting multiple states.

They are currently found in increasing numbers in across the southern United States from Florida’s panhandle, through southern Texas and are already well established in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam. 

With climate change increasing their habitable zone**, the lack of a natural predator and the ability to lay up to 30,000 eggs 2 times a year, Cane Toads are quickly becoming a threat to many new areas across the United States. Affecting an ever increasing number of  ecosystems, pets and livestock in several states across America. 

Once establish this hardy invasive species has proven to be extremely difficulty to control; making prevention the best way to control them. The best way you can help prevent Cane Toads from establishing themselves in your area is through education, and awareness.

**Reports of Cane Toads in areas that were previously considered too cold for them to survive, is slowly pushing their potential range into many areas that were historically presumed to be immune to the threat of Cane Toads. 

If you suspect your pet has come in contact with a Bufo Toad, even one that has been treated, immediately call or take your pet to a Veterinarian or Animal Hospital.